Would you take the time to save this Hummingbird and her babies?


After watching the video I am so grateful that these amazing men took the time to help this hummingbird and her babies! Please use the link to view the video showing how they made her a new home.


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The discovery of a hummingbird nest at a downtown apartment project has partially halted construction.

Project Superintendent Mike Vivier says his crew found the nest about a week ago at SHAREDowntown, just as they were getting ready to insulate some pipes in the underground parking garage.

The project is in the Arts District at Colorado Avenue and Main Street.

“There is going to be a lot of fumes in here in a week, less than a week, a couple of days and they would die. So we’re trying to save them,” 

said Vivier.

Vivier said most construction crews would continue working without giving the hummingbird another thought, but he and his team felt compelled to save her and her two tiny eggs.

“She can’t stay because they wouldn’t make it through the process,” said Vivier.

Wildlife experts said the once the eggs hatch, they need their mom and a lot of attention.

“Baby hummingbirds need to eat every fifteen minutes when they are unfeathered and then up to every thirty minutes when they are feathered,” said Wren Blossfeld with the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

The team built a small birdhouse just outside the parking garage where the nest is located. They adorned it with a red Hummingbird feeder and red tape. Experts said they are attracted to the color red.


Tuesday afternoon, Vivier and his team cut the piece of pipe where the nest was built and placed it inside the new birdhouse.

Wildlife experts said the mother should come back even though the pipe was handled by human hands.